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My Dream 
By Charles Bell

My dream to become a doctor started when I was in the the third grade. My family doctor was a major influence, but looking back on it all, being a healer is something I was born to do. I am a child of the 60’s and have seen much turmoil and have seen much change particularly as it relates to health care. 


As a child I was drawn to music and sports. I loved to read and to learn in general. It was during my years in junior high school that my dream became a goal. I was so fascinated by intangibles from a scientific perspective. Wind, light, sound have always been fascinating to me.


The progression of my academic career included the influence of physics. I became more drawn to the biological sciences leading to my degree in biology. I had the opportunity to pursue medical or pharmacy school after receiving my biology degree. I opted to attend pharmacy. My exposure to biochemistry was a big impetus for that decision. It was during my time as a pharmacist that I began to appreciate some of the subtleties of osteopathic medicine. There were some differences in philosophies that I learned could be translated into differences in healthcare delivery. 


I recall walking from the parking lot up the hill towards the lecture halls the first day of medical school. I remember saying to the handful of fellow students making that walk that we could turn around and always be able to say that we had gotten accepted to medical school. That was the day the goal became a commitment. Classroom to clinical rotations to internship then residency was a grind, yet it all went by so quickly. There was, and remains a method to the process, one that does not necessarily allow for individuality. I was fortunate to follow the path of rotating internship to internal medicine residency. I moonlighted in emergency rooms during my residency which gave me invaluable exposure to what I would be confronted with in my future career. Through it all, I never lost sight of the osteopathic principles that had drawn me to the profession to begin with. As I progressed through my career, I still felt there was something more to offer. I had learned and certainly been exposed to the many treatment modalities at our disposal as osteopathic physicians. It was not until I met Dr. Jess Bell (no relation), that the missing modality was in fact a reality. Dr. Jess introduced me to Energetic Osteopathy™. I heard her talking about it on a podcast and I immediately knew I had to connect with her. That was just over a year ago. I have been a student of the practice since and am involved in assisting Dr. Jess to spread the word and the offering of adding this modality to your practice. 


This is but an introduction regarding my path to energetic healing. I look forward to sharing much more of my journey in depth in the near future. I hope that this provides inspiration for exploration.


Charles H. Bell, D.O., B.S. Pharm

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