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Energetic Osteopathy™
The Series

Part One: Restoring The Health Within with Energetic Osteopathy™

As practitioners, most of us were handed a set of tools to serve others, while completely overlooking our own Health and self-care.

This program offers you a foundational energetic roadmap to The Health that lies within, beginning a lifelong journey back home, and ultimately offering the same to the people you serve.

Program Description 


This introductory program introduces Energetic Osteopathy™(EO) for self-healing.  It bridges traditional Osteopathy, energetic healing, and the biodynamic model of Osteopathy, developed by James Jealous, D.O. 

This four day program offers a healing immersion into oneself

and provides a safe and sacred space where

self-healing is the top priority. 


   Each of the four days offers:

  • A Group Energetic Osteopathic™ Healing Session

  • Extensive teachings about the energetic system of the body

  • A progressive deep dive into the 10-step Self Treatment Protocol and

  • A collaborative and interactive space with like-minded practitioners who wish to transition into working more energetically and ample space and time for questions and answers.


This program is intended to offer a modality for healing oneself, which ultimately may be used as a billable modality for working with others in a way that is available and accessible from anywhere on the planet.

Who Is This Program Intended For?

This program is intended for providers of The Health and is inclusive to osteopathic practitioners or cranial practitioners who have received training within the cranial, and/or biodynamic models.

When & Where

Thursday October 20th to Sunday the 23rd, 2022


        Thurs, 10/20 from 1-4pm* EST 

        Fri, 10/21 from 1-4pm* EST

        Sat, 10/22 from 9am-12pm EST and 1-4pm* EST 

        Sun, 10/23 from 9am-12pm EST

        *with the option to extend to 5pm EST for Q&A


        Virtual. All live sessions held on Zoom


Once you complete your payment, you will receive an email from Jess within 24 hours with your Zoom invite and further details.

Secure your spot for this

innovative four day transformational

program for just

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What You Can Expect To Learn/ Receive:


  • A PDF copy of the 10-Step Energetic Self-Treatment Protocol, a structured framework for transmuting lesions within your own body.

  • A Zoom recording of each day of the course, including any questions and answers

  • Five audio practices, intended to offer an embodied experience while exploring each of the 10 steps of the Self Treatment Protocol.

  • The basic tenets of Energetic Osteopathy™(EO) and energetic self treatment.

  • The foundational structure of your electromagnetic system as it pertains to the creation of your nervous system, every anatomical system and cell of your body.

  • How to begin feeling, or continue deepening your experience with feeling your own electromagnetic system while transmuting your own energetic lesions. 

  • Practical experience to begin or deepen your Energetic Osteopathic skills while working with another within our group. (This experience will be provided in a safe and contained manner, and rebalancing will be provided as needed).

  • The value of connecting with and healing your own energetic system as the first step in learning how to work within the systems of others and in turn how to access The Health at the root of any system, including your own. In turn, offering additional treatment options for patients/ clients.

  • As this is the prerequisite for all future programs in Energetic Osteopathy™ The Series, in taking this course you will gain access to advanced level Energetic Osteopathic programs when they are released. These subsequent programs will allow you the opportunity to deepen your perceptual gifts and skills with specific symptoms and ailments and learn how to treat patients individually or in groups.

Why Should I Enroll In This Program Now?


As practitioners, most of us were handed a set of tools to serve others, while our own Health and self-care was left entirely out of this model. 


We are currently witnessing and engaging directly with a Health and healthcare crisis never before experienced.  This is a test with no end in sight. We are not only serving sicker and sicker patients and clients, those of us on the front lines are at greater risk of becoming progressively more depleted and burnt out as a result.


There is a great need to acquire a new set of tools that offers sustenance to keep offering our services from a place of wholeness and restored Health within.  This is the beginning of a complete Healthcare inversion, a journey that evolves, deepens and grows ever more potent over time.  


This program offers you an energetic roadmap to The Health that lies within, and the beginning of a lifelong journey back home.

Program Outline

What follows is a brief outline of each day including the theme, topics to be covered, and any guest speakers that will be joining us.

 Day One: Introducing EO, Self Treatment and The Quantum Body

Thurs Oct 20th, 1-4 pm EST


During this first session, Energetic Osteopathy™ will be introduced as an enhanced means of offering love and service to ourselves and one another.  We will explore the  importance of prioritizing the restoration of  our own Health first and the establishment of self healing as an ongoing lifestyle.  We will also discuss the electromagnetic framework with the body and how and where to begin treating ourselves through engaging with these

energies in a safe and effective manner.

Guest Speaker: Charles Bell, D.O.

Charles Bell has traveled a great distance to share a little of his experience with Energetic Osteopathy.  He will offer real life examples of how EO has transformed his own life, both personally and professionally.  He will share about the profound impact of energetic osteopathy had during his recent experience as a critically ill patient in the ICU, and also how energetic osteopathy has transformed his current integrative wellness practice. 

The topics for the day will include:

  • What is EO?

  • What is a practical hybrid model?

  • Why do we need to heal ourselves first before offering healing to our clients and patients?

  • The bridge to the quantum body

  • How do we begin self-treatment?

Day Two: Rooting Down And Cultivating Safety Within

Fri Oct 21st, 9am-12pm, and 1-4 pm EST

On day two, we will discuss the importance of learning how to root down into the body and clear out dense energy that is either coming up to be released or is absorbed from

our outside experiences.

Guest Speaker: Claire Garner, NBC-HWC

Claire is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and our Intuitive Emotional Healing Guide here at Centers for Energetic Healing. Today she will be speaking to us about challenging emotions and how to navigate them as we dive into this work.

The topics for the day will include:

  • An energetic view of the lesions and how to transmute within them

  • Navigating fear or other challenging emotions that arise

  • Rooting down into the body and synchronizing with the earth

Day Three: Restoring heart and body coherence

Sat Oct 22nd, 9am-12pm, and 1-4 pm EST


On day three the theme is all about energetic coherence.  You will be guided to explore, align and reopen your lower five energy centers in the body, and thus learn how to restore your heart, brain and body coherence.

No Guest Speaker


The topics for the day will include:

  • Heart coherence, an essential component of healing 

  • Cultivating a heart centered life: The inversion

  • Intention and trust

  • Embodied Love cultivating resilience within

Day Four: Wholeness rebalancing and integration

Sun Oct 23rd, 9am-12pm


This final day is all about wholeness within,  integration, rest and rebalancing.  There will be ample space for open discussion and questions to be addressed.  This day will be the most spacious and will open the doorway to a discussion about next level explorations, learning and healing opportunities.

No Guest Speaker


The topics for the day will include:

  • Energetic hygiene

  • Cultivating wholeness within

  • The role of rest and stillness

  • Integrating your self-healing lifestyle into your daily life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this course count toward CME credit?

A: Currently this course does not count toward CME credit. But it is out sincerest hope that as our medical system evolves to incorporate more interventions utilizing the science of energy, we will be able to get it CME approved.

Q: What is Energetic Osteopathy?


A: Energetic osteopathy is a modality that combines the skill and precision of biodynamics and cranial osteopathy with energy healing within the quantum field.  The result is a modality that is applicable to the treatment of oneself, individuals or groups, and can be offered either in person or from a distance.


Q: Do I need to have any past experience with energy healing?


A: No. The content, healing and tools provided in this program are intended for all practitioners who are ready to take their healing to the deepest levels and are intended for everyone, independent of any past healing experiences or healing modalities received.


Q: Do I need to be in live attendance for the entire Zoom call?


A: No. While live attendance is encouraged as it offers you the benefit of engaging and interacting with your peers, it is not required. You will receive a recording of each day. The healing sessions provided at the beginning of each live Zoom call offer restorative time to synchronize with one another within the Quantum energetic field creating an augmented inner healing experience.  Each energetic healing session is equally as potent whether received live or through the recording at a more convenient time. 


Q: Can I bill for Energetic Osteopathy?


A: Yes and no.  We will address this in the course. Energetic Osteopathy is not yet recognized or approved by medical insurance companies. It is possible however to bill for a time-based tele-health visit.  Learning how to work within the energetic field to evaluate and treat patients expands upon the depth of objective findings and enhances your documentable assessment and plan.  This in turn increases the level of complexity of your visit and documentation required for reimbursement.  


Q: How does learning Energetic Osteopathy affect my current hands on practice?


A: First and most, you will learn how to restore your own Health and serve primarily from the overflow of Health within.  This translates to enhanced and balanced levels of energy and vitality even on your most demanding days. In addition, your perceptual skills become more enhanced as your body returns to Health and wholeness.  You will feel more,  with less effort and drain upon your own system.