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Energetic Osteopathy®
Part One: Treatment Within the Body
and its Biofield

Approved For 18 AOA Category 1-A CME Credits 

This program is co-sponsored by the

Maine Osteopathic Association (MOA).


The MOA is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association to provide continuing medical education for physicians. The MOA designates this program for 18.0 AOA Category 1-A credits and will report CME and specialty credits commensurate with the extent of the physician's participation in this activity.

When and Where

January 19-21, 2024

Fri 1/19    9am-6pm
Sat 1/20    9am-6pm
Sun 1/21  9am-3pm

Centers for Energetic Healing Home Office, Bath, Maine

Price $675

Program Description


This introductory program within the Energetic Osteopathy® Series is a journey all the way down into energetic roots that govern and supply the body and the magnetic field that surrounds it, the human biofield.

The emphasis of this first program in the series is on self-treatment, and learning how to restore your own Health first.


The byproduct of self treatment, is an enhancement in your energetic/ intuitive sensitivities and perceptual skills as your body returns to Health and wholeness. This program also offers you introductory, practical experiences that will guide you in offering energetic osteopathic treatments to your patients, and a new way of treating with less effort and drain upon your own system. 


Purpose of this Program


To augment the current osteopathic curriculum by exploring the science underlying the energetics of all biologic processes in the body and its associated human biofield.


End Goal of this program


To offer participants a practical and expanded treatment skill set that can be used for self treatment, as well as one that can be offered and taught to patients.

Who This Program Is Intended For


This program is intended for allopathic and osteopathic physicians, dentists and fourth year medical students, interns and residents, who are ready to expand their osteopathic skill set while working with patients, and is also equally applicable for self treatment.




  • Basic 40 hour Basic Cranial Course highly recommended

  • Biodynamics Phase One recommended, although not required

Didactic Lecture Objectives

The lectures will outline the structure and function of the electromagnetic fields within the body and its relationship with the magnetic field that encompasses the body, called the human biofield. We will explore how to engage with and interact with these energetics osteopathically and within both the body and the human biofield, and how this information expands our ability to get down to the root cause of all dis-ease states.


Hands on Workshop/Demonstration Objectives


The workshop experiences will offer a variety of ways to offer Energetic Osteopathic treatments. Through group treatments, self-treatment workshops and partnered hands-on treatments, each participant will learn how to give and receive Energetic Osteopathic® treatments. This treatment modality works at the elemental energetic level within the body and its human biofield. Working within the energetic system that underlies and governs all systems within the body offers an inside-outside approach that affects change all the way down to its roots.  Each treatment combines the skill and precision of biodynamics and cranial osteopathy within the body and also incorporates the same skill and precision while reconnecting the body to its associated biofield.  The result is an augmented modality that is applicable to the treatment of oneself, individuals or groups, and can be offered either in person or from a distance.

Daily Schedule

Friday January 19th, 2024



9:00-10:00 am: Overview of program 


10:00-12:00 pm: Morning Didactic Lectures (see below for teaching topics)


Teaching Topics:

  • Digging In: The osteopathic tenets and the importance of applying these tenets to self treatment in order to expand upon the art, science and legacy of osteopathy

  • What is Energetic Osteopathy®, how does it work and how does it engage with the human biofield to increase treatment efficacy and outcomes?

  • Exploration and explanation of the energetics underlying the human body

  • Biofield Science: A discussion of the human biofield and its role in healing, incorporating research from Eileen Day McKusick, Shamani Jain, PhD, Dean, Radin, PhD, Beverly Rubik, PhD and many other pioneers in the field of Biofield science. Click here for a list of resources and articles in the field of Biofield Science.

  • The recognition and description of the fourth and fifth states of matter, plasma and aether, that make up the human body and its human biofield. 


Overall Learning Objectives for this Section:

  • Students will identify and learn to utilize and work with the energetics underlying the human body and the human biofield

  • Students will describe the significance the human biofield and the importance of incorporating it into osteopathic treatment due to its role in healing


12:00-12:30: Hands on Workshop/Demonstration: Synchronizing the group


Workshop Objective: 

  • Students will receive a demonstration and direct experience of what an energetic osteopathic treatment feels like, when synchronized to others within the group setting. 

  • Each participant will describe their own experience with the group and reflect on palpable changes felt within the body, in order to create a greater awareness of these shifts with others in the group. 


12:30-1:30 pm: Integration and lunch break


1:30-4:30 pm: Afternoon Didactic Lectures


Teaching Topics:

  • Identify the structural and anatomic map of the human biofield

  • Distinguish between cell-to-cell communication and biophotonic cellular light communication: A form of light speed communication between the body the the biofield

  • Classify the four essential energetic self-treatment tools

  • Experience a hands-on approach to working within the human biofield: Distinguish working with intention and magnetism within the hands and body


Overall Learning Objectives for this Section:

  • Students will identify and summarize an expanded anatomic map of the body that includes the human biofield

  • Students will describe and learn how to interact with the biophotonic communication system that takes place between the body and its surrounding biofield


4:30-5:30 pm: Hands on Workshop/Demonstration: Self-treatment Incorporating the Human Biofield


Workshop Objectives: 

  • Demonstrate in detail how to provide a self-directed energetic osteopathic treatment

  •  Describe how it feels in the hands and in the body to experience a self-directed energetic osteopathic treatment 

5:30-6:00 pm: Rebalancing and reflections


Saturday January 20th, 2024



9:00-10:00 am: Review and overview of the day


10:00-12:00 pm: Morning Didactic Lectures


Teaching Topics: 

  • Exploring the energetic science underlying somatic lesions within the body and corresponding biofield

  • Categorizing undigested electromagnetic emotions as lesions, and describing their role in dis-ease 

  • Learning how to interpret, work directly with and integrate emotional lesions within the body and biofield


Overall Learning Objective for this Section:

  • Students will identify, locate and learn how to interact with unexpressed or repressed emotions that lead to somatic dysfunction within the body


12:00-12:30 pm: Hands on Workshop/Demonstration: Content integration


Workshop Objective:

  • This workshop identifies and supports the application of the new knowledge learned in the teaching session, by working directly with somatic lesions within the body that are rooted in underlying emotional energies that have been unexpressed and unprocessed. 


12:30-1:30 pm: Lunch break


1:30-4:00 pm: Afternoon Didactic Lectures


Teaching Topics: 

  • Define the energetic root system of the body and its biofield

  • Illustrate how disconnection from our own root system leads to somatic dysfunction and impairs our self healing capacities.

  • Discuss the science of earthing and how reconnecting our bodies to the earth’s electromagnetic grid facilitates health and healing

  • Explain the specifics of Energetic Osteopathic Treatment and demonstrate a hands-on approach


Overall Learning Objectives for this Section:

  • Students will identify and summarize the components of the human anatomic system that act as energetic roots to connect the body to the earth’s electromagnetic grid

  • Students will describe the science of earthing and its role in healing

  • Students will describe the key components included in an Energetic Osteopathic treatment 


4:00-4:30 pm: Hands on Workshop/Demonstration: Hands on treatment demonstration and participation using Energetic Osteopathic approach


Workshop Objective:

  • Demonstrate in detail how to provide an Energetic Osteopathic treatment, [a modality that explains an augmented hands-on treatment approach that works  directly within the body and also with the human biofield]


4:30-5:30 pm: Hands on Workshop/Demonstration: Working within the root system of the body and its biofield


Workshop Objective:

  • Apply this new skill by providing a hands-on Energetic Osteopathic treatment while working within the body and its biofield

 5:30-6:00 pm: Rebalancing and reflections


Sunday January 21st, 2024



9:00-10:00 am: Review and overview of the day


10:00-11:30 am: Didactic Lectures


Teaching Topics:

  • Explain and discuss upgraded self-care and energetic hygiene: Illustrate integration of self treatment into daily life

  • Energetic Recharging: The role of integration, rest and stillness 


Overall Learning Objectives for this Section:

  • Students will identify and summarize the components of upgraded self-care and its role in restoring health within the body and its biofield

  • Students will describe the science of energetic recharging, as it pertains to the maintenance and restoration of health and homeostasis


11:30 am-12:30 pm: Hands on Workshop/Demonstration: The tenets of self-treatment


Workshop Objective:

  • Detail and demonstrate the step-by-step instructions of providing a self administered Energetic Osteopathic treatment


12:30 pm-1:00 pm: Integration and Break


1:00 pm-2:00 pm: Hands on Workshop/Demonstration: Rebalancing the body and the biofield


Workshop Objective:

  • Demonstrate and detail new ways of working with the Energetic Osteopathic skills acquired, by working with a partner to realign and rebalance the body and the biofield. 


2:00-2:30 pm: Hands on Workshop/Demonstration: Group Treatment: Rebalancing 


Workshop Objective: 

  • Demonstrate how to rebalance a group post-treatment 

  • Detail the steps required to integrate and rebalance the central nervous system of each individual in a group setting, as well as the group as a whole

  • Illustrate the skill necessary to maintain safety and homeostasis within a group treatment container

2:30-3:00 pm: Next steps, Wrap Up, and Conclusions

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