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Stretching on a Cliff

Evolve And Heal The Body:
An Energetic Self-Healing Series

 This series hands you back the keys

to health and wholeness

through powerful teachings, healings, and an energetic self-healing toolset that

aids you in restoring and revitalizing your body

from the inside out. 

Did you know that you're made of energy?

Within you is a column of energy that runs through your body, feeding energy centers along your spine. This is all contained within a larger energy field that powers your entire body and being that is being called your biofield.

Dis-ease and dysregulation occur within when energy stagnates anywhere within this field.

Learning to feel and work with this system to restore energy to its natural state of flow is imperative in maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. 

So, come on in, settle into your body and

join us for an innovative and healing

series that offers you just that!


What's "that" specifically? 


  • Group energetic healing sessions

  • Illuminating teachings about your body’s energetic system, and how it works

  • Intricate details about each energy center of the body and how they feed your human anatomy 

  • Tools and teachings to transmute and release energetic densities that can affect the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels in the body

  • A transformational 10 Step Self-Healing Protocol, offering you energetic self-healing tools that work all the way down to the cellular level within your body

  • A safe and intimate group container in which to rest, learn, evolve and heal all aspects of your body


Ready to Join Us?

Start here, with
Part One: Rooting Into
The Body

Part One: Rooting Into The Body is the pre-requisite for all Jess' subsequent programs, and as such we want to have many options

for you to take it!


April 21-23, 2023


Various locations in and around

Bath, ME

That's right, this section of Part One: Rooting Into Your Body is happening in person! And there are some sweet experiences you don't get in the virtual sections!

May 19-21, 2023



If you don't want to travel, or you prefer a virtual experience, this section of Part One: Rooting Into Your Body is happening on Zoom.


June 2023


Centers for Energetic Healing Home Office

Bath, ME

That's right, this section of Part One: Rooting Into Your Body is happening in person! And there are some sweet experiences you don't get in the virtual sections!

Details to come!

July 2023



If you don't want to travel, or you prefer a virtual experience, this section of Part One: Rooting Into Your Body is happening on Zoom.



Details to come!

Meet Jess

Meet Your Instructor

Jessica Bell, D.O. is a licensed osteopathic physician with over 20 years of experience and co-founder of Centers For Energetic Healing. In 2020 she experienced an explosion of her already honed energetic sensitivities, and expanded her work outside the realm of known osteopathy into the world of energy, the human energetic system, and now, the biofield.

Jess integrates and bridges the worlds of modern medicine with ancient energetic healing, and offers you a collaborative healing experience. 

In Part One: Rooting Into The Body you will learn:


  • The scientifically proven structure and framework of the energetic system of your body

  • How to engage with these energies, using your own hands, breath and intention

  • A 10 Step energetic self-healing protocol to get you started on your journey to restoring your health within

  • What stagnant energy feels like within your body and more importantly, what it feels like

Course Outline

You will be placed into a deeply healing group container, held and offered energetic healing sessions each day to
catalyze healing within your body.

Day One
Getting To Know Yourself Energetically 


First hour: Overview of program and introductions

Second hour: Group Healing Session outlining all 10 steps of the Self-Healing Protocol

Integration and break

Third hour: Teaching session* (see below for teaching topics)

Remaining time: Q&A


*Teaching Session Topics:

  • YOU are a body of light: An overview of your human biofield, the field of energy inside and around your body

  • The three essential tools for energetic self-healing, found in the 10 Step Self-Healing Protocol

  • Your unprocessed electromagnetic emotions, the root cause of stagnant energy that leads to pain and dis-ease in the body

Day Two
Rooting Into Your Body 


First hour: Review of day one, overview of day two and group check in

Second Hour: Teaching Session* and Group Healing Session: Opening The Root Center

Integration and break

Next Half Hour: Practical experience: Feeling and connecting into your root center

Remaining Time: Q&A


*Teaching Session Topics:

  • The ins and outs of your root energy center through all four lenses: physical, emotional, mental and energetic

  • Why do we disconnect from our bodies and how do we reconnect?

  • What does it feel like to be rooted and how does being rooted catalyze healing in the body?

Day Three
Rooting Into Your Knees, Feet, And The Earth


First hour: Review of day two, overview of day three and group check in

Second hour: Teaching Session*

Next half hour: Group Healing Session: Opening your limb roots


Remaining Time: Wrap up with Q&A


*Teaching Session Topics:

  • Getting to know your knees, legs and feet as vital aspects of your root system

  • Why learning to connect with and open our lower limbs are essential to the health and vitality of our bodies

  • Rooting while on the move in our daily lives

More About This Series

This series is perfect for humans who….


  • prioritize healing, recognizing that in order to offer services to humanity, you must attend to your own healing first.

  • are looking for healing tools that when applied daily afford you the level of healing all the way down to the atoms you are made up of.

  • are aware that a new paradigm is needed for true healing, and you want to be on the leading edge of the shift.

  • are open to the possibility that deeper healing than ever before is possible now due to recent energetic shifts on the planet.

  • are willing to be vulnerable in the group when you feel called to share experiences that we can all learn from together, knowing the healing container is holding you in love.

  • are ready to return to a reconnected and revitalized version of yourself that gets to feel younger, more energetic and joyful as you evolve and heal.

An Innovative Gift For Your Body


The more you know about the intricacies of your physical body, the energies it is made up of and how much power you hold within you to heal and support yourself from within, the more you ease and Health you will be able to step into.


This series provides a foundational understanding of the energetic systems and sources that you are made of and also provides a toolset to work with these energies, with the intention of teaching you specifics of how to engage with your body in a structured way in order to support your physical vessel throughout your life. 


This series goes way beyond learning about healthy movement, nutrition and lifestyle factors. This is the toolset that hands you back the keys to health and wholeness and supports you in dissolving the dis-ease that has been lying dormant within you for far too long. 


We will travel all the way down to the very core of your physical body and work to clear out and heal you at the most fundamental cellular and microscopic levels. It is cleaning up and clearing out the ocean of energy that breathes through you, in order to evolve into the healthiest version of yourself from the inside out.

Still have a burning question before signing up?
No problem! 
Just send Jess an email at

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