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One on One
Energetic Osteopathy™
Individual Healing Sessions
with Jess Bell, D.O.

New Individual Clients

If you have not previously had an Individual Healing Session with Jess, use the link below to schedule your initial consult.

Current Individual Clients

If you are a current individual client of Jess’s, please book your next session below.

How are Individual Appointments structured?

Step 1: Schedule an initial consultation & Healing Session

An energetic osteopathic healing session will be provided.


The healing session will illuminate, treat and realign the specific imbalances within the body. I will then provide a detailed plan of action for ongoing healing.

You are now one step closer to wholeness and living in a body free from pain.

"Dr. Bell has a powerful gift that I highly recommend to those who are ready to experience healing and alignment in a new way.

My first session with Dr. Bell was exactly what I needed.

She helped me understand even more what was going on and why my body was responding the way it was. She was working on my neck and I took a deep breath, then a pop happened as if the muscle relaxed and it let me reset the way my body wanted to be aligned. It was truly powerful." 


                                                                                            -Katie R.

Step 2: Schedule follow-up appointments

  • Each healing session provides progressive healing support, opening doorways of healing at a core level.  Years and sometimes a lifetime of pain and dis-ease are transmuted within the first one to three healing sessions. 

  • I will reassess and rebalance the changes that were initiated during the initial session.  There will be a discussion of what changes were noted following the session and further assessment will be provided as an interpretation of the shifts that were presented. 

  • The longer a given impairment is present in the body, often the more layers of restriction have developed.  These layers will resolve when the body is provided with the proper healing environment. 

Note: The number and frequency of sessions needed to restore health and wholeness will depend on the complexities of the presenting ailments, and the length of time the impairments have been present.


Have a question about Individual Appointments?

Reach out to and my team will be in touch shortly.

What is the difference is between Group and Individual Healing Sessions?


While there are differences between Group and Individual Healing Sessions, both offer deeply transformative and therapeutic experiences. Below I’ve outlined some of the differences between the two so that you can choose the session that best suits your healing journey.

Individual Healing Sessions

These sessions are more specific to your individual body. 

You will benefit from an individual healing session if you have specific parts of your body that are particularly problematic and complex that require a more specific and focused healing sessions.


The individual healing session will serve to diagnose and treat the root energetic fracture that lies at the root of the presenting physical or emotional impairment that is arising symptomatically. 


This session will also offer you a more individualized discussion to illuminate the emotional anchors that are holding this energetic distortion in a dense or stagnant position within your body.


You will receive individual guidance regarding how to better work within your own energetic system in order to further the release of dense energy and prevent its occurrence.

If you have not previously had an Individual Healing Session with Jess, we ask that you first fill out an application. 

If you are a current individual client of Jess’s, please book your next session below.

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