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The New Earth Healthcare Series
Level One: Your Bridge to Energetic Self-Healing

The New Earth series is a most comprehensive interactive healing program anyone could imagine.

Claire and Jess  combine their broad wisdom to create a framework for healing, enhanced by the synergy of the group. This is deep work that brings early woundings and pain, both emotional and physical, to the surface to be blessed and healed. 

In five weeks, their guidance and support accomplish more than years and years of therapy and counseling.

They create a safe place, much like a loving family sitting together in the living room quietly allowing deep layers come to the light for healing.  Jess and Claire’s tools are timeless, a tool box to carry at all times to open when the need may arise.

We can now be more fully present for ourselves and others in love and compassion, just what our world needs now.

                                                   - Judy V.

"Level One helped me to reach deeper levels of safety, love and connection with my own body. The skills and tools I learned from Claire and Jess have helped me to fully process long-repressed early childhood traumas and connect fully with all versions of myself.


This course has shifted the way I think, feel and operate on a daily basis to be more holistic, loving, empowered, and joyful."

                                  -Frances E.

"Having worked with Dr. Jess beginning spring 2021, I am, in the most positive of terms, NOT the same person today.


Dr. Jess’ osteopathic energy healing in tandem with Claire Garner’s emotional healing protocol, for me, as a participant in the Level One: Bridge to Energetic Healing, excavated through deeply entrenched layers. Many decades of searching, getting to the root of my suffering in order to find relief from my suffering had been eluding me.

The only way out of the looping trauma response was going deeply inside the wound.

Although the prospect of the hard work felt intimidating, at first, after making the decision to go all in, the rewards have been profoundly positive.


I no longer feel the victim making it possible for me to create healthy boundaries without guilt.


Thank you, Dr. Jess and, Claire, for showing me how to heal from within. I am so very grateful."

                                          -Susie H.

"I didn't know much about Level One: Your Bridge to Energetic Self-Healing, until I was in it. Loss and grief led me to join, but the teachings and tools I learned from Jess and Claire showed me a path and became part of my daily practice. As someone new to this work, I found support in doing it with a group, and I even signed up for a second time through. 

-CJ D.            

The next session begins in early 2023.

Over the last two years, you have had a front-row seat to the most confusing, disempowering health narrative we have ever experienced.

You’ve watched as the idea of health has been reduced to substances outside of ourselves, completely ignoring the incredible innate wisdom within our bodies and the acknowledgment of what all of us are actually made of:


At your smallest unit, you are made of atoms. You ARE energy.

What if health is just the ease and flow of energy into and out of our bodies, and illness is just the stagnation of that same energy?

What if true healing in your body is the ability to sense your own energy and learn to move and clear it?

And what if emotion (and the way we think about it) was actually the biggest thing that impedes or accelerates the rate at which we heal?

We’re here to tell you that’s

exactly what’s happening.


Humans are waking up to the knowing that emotions are energy in motion in our bodies.

So true energetic healing is hugely dependent on our ability to effectively work

with our emotions as they arise, as well as our ability to access and release

old stagnant emotions stored in the body.

With this in mind, Claire and Jess have woven together a beautiful five-week program that integrates both the energetic self-clearing steps AND the emotional tools and reframes needed in order to promote the deepest level of energetic healing available to the body at this time.

Meet Your Guides

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 8.08.18 AM.png

Claire Garner

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach,

Intuitive Emotional Healing Guide

Claire is a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Intuitive Emotional

Healing Guide, and one of the founding members of Centers for Energetic Healing.

She has developed an intimate, intuitively led emotional healing framework to help you rediscover your humanity, heal emotional wounds from your past, and cultivate greater competence and resilience with emotions as they arise

in your daily life.

Learn more about Claire and her work at

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 8.08.24 AM.png

Jess Bell

Licensed Osteopathic Physician, Pain Specialist, and Provider of Energetic Osteopathy™


Jess is the founder of Energetic Osteopathy™ and Centers for Energetic Healing.

Energetic Osteopathy™ is a powerful modality that bridges traditional osteopathic healing

and energy medicine.

It is essential that we recover the often forgotten truth that healing comes from within, and

it is Jess's greatest intention to offer this healing and guidance with easy-to-apply

information, energy healing sessions and self-healing practices.

Learn more about Jess and her work on her

About page

Together, Claire Garner and Jess Bell bring you a comprehensive deep dive into both energetic self-healing AND root cause emotional healing.

After Five Weeks You Will Walk Away With:


1. Foundational Tools
The foundational energetic and emotional tool kit you will need to promote

healing in your body at the deepest levels.


2. An Upgraded Energetic System
A highly upgraded and more coherent energetic system as a result of your

participation in five weeks of self-healing practices, self-applied emotional healing

tools, and five group healing sessions.

3. Emotional - Energetic Understanding
A comprehensive understanding of your energetic system and how emotions

are an integral part of it.

4. Empowerment
A more empowered approach to your own healing and the practical know-how

to implement it.

5. Exclusive Content Library
An exclusive content library to return to again and again as you integrate this new

way of thinking about and experiencing your emotional and energetic

body in the world.

6. Self-Healer Community
A new community of like-minded self-healers and visionaries who are on this

leading edge of a new healing paradigm right alongside you.

In this five-week program, you will learn all about your energetic body, what it’s made up of, how it works, and how you can access it, as well the 10 Step Energetic Self-Healing Protocol to mobilize and clear each of the

energy centers in your body.

You will also learn about the intimate relationship between emotions and your energetic system. This includes practical everyday tools to navigate emotions with more awareness and ease, and even access old stagnant emotions and programs stored in your system.

Live Energetic Healing Sessions, Teachings, and Q&As will be held

every Friday from 9am - 12pm EST on Zoom.

 During Your Bridge to Energetic Self-Healing you will experience:

  • 15 Hours of Live Teaching and Collaborative Learning on Zoom

    • 5 Energetic Group Healing Sessions ($500)

    • 5 Live Q&A Sessions ($1,000)

    • 5 Hours of Live teaching ($1,000)

  • Learning Library of Course Content released each Sunday ($2,000)

  • Ongoing Email Support Throughout The Live Program ($500)


Total Program Value: $5,000

Your Cost: $1497

Total Savings: $3,503


To ensure an intimate environment where everyone has a chance to be heard and ask questions, we have limited the number of registrations to forty participants.

Please note that once the program is full, those that would like to join will need to wait until

the next launch of Level One.

We will not be adding additional registration spots.

Get to know Claire

Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Intuitive Emotional Healing Guide,

and one of your Guides for Level One

To get to know each of you better, Claire has opened up a limited number of 30 Minute Meet & Greet sessions the third and fourth weeks in May.

During these sessions you will get the opportunity to get to know one another, she can answer any burning questions you might have about this program, and tell you

about the work that she brings to it.

While Claire is hoping to meet as many of you as possible, there are a limited number of spots available. So please follow the link to reserve your session early!

This Program IS for Humans Who….

  1. Are awake to the evolutionary shifts on Earth and feel called to serve humanity.

  2. Prioritize healing, recognizing that in order to offer services to humanity, you must attend to your own healing first.

  3. Are aware that a new paradigm is needed for true healing, and you want to be on the leading edge of the shift.

  4. Are ready to dive into an in-depth 5-week healing immersion that requires daily commitment, attention, and awareness.

  5. Are open and ready to push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone, fully aware that healing can feel vulnerable and raw.

  6. Are open to the possibility that deeper healing than ever before is possible now due to recent energetic shifts on the planet.

  7. Are willing to be vulnerable in the group when you feel called to share experiences that we can all learn from together, knowing the healing container is holding you in love.

  8. Are open to and hungry for a larger perspective around what is happening on the earth energetically right now, and how this affects humans individually and as a collective.

  9. Are ready to emerge into happier, more peaceful, fulfilling ways of being on the earth.

  10. Are looking for healing tools that when applied daily afford you the level of healing all the way down to the atoms you are made up of.

This Program Is NOT for Humans Who…

  1. Are looking for a solution with a finite ending

  2. Are not open to the fact that everything, even your human body, is made of energy

  3. Are looking for someone to heal them (who are not willing to take ownership of their own healing in all ways)

  4. Are not willing to explore uncomfortable feelings  

  5. Truly believe that real healing isn't possible

  6. Are not able or willing to prioritize healing above all other aspects of life for the five weeks we're all together

  7. Are unwilling to find meaning and lessons in every single thing that happens in life

  8. Are unwilling to expand into the ultimate truth that: We are made entirely of the frequency of love energy and that this is the energy that heals us.

Sitting at a lake at sunset

Your Bridge to Energetic Self Healing Detailed Course Outline

Week One: Connecting to Love

Focus: Reframing the way we view energy and emotions in our bodies, as well as a deeper look at Love and its integral role in true healing.

You will also learn the first two steps in the Energetic Self-Healing Protocol

Step 1. Entering Into The Heart Neutral

Step 2. Opening the Palm Centers to Love


Week Two: Rooting Down

Focus: This week we dive into the first energy center, The Root. It’s here we learn about our deep connection to the Earth and the role of rooting in true energetic health. This week we will also begin the process of getting reacquainted with the parts of our Human(including our Inner Kiddo) that we’ve exiled or ignored or forgotten, and begin to build a new foundation of love, acceptance, and gentle accountability with ourselves in a new way.

You will also learn the next two steps in the Energetic Self Healing Protocol:

Step 3. Connecting into the Body and Inner Kiddo at the Root

Step 4. Synchronizing with the Earth


Week Three: Clearing Out

Focus: This week we will take a closer look at the first three energetic centers, what they are, how they are related, and how we can access and clear them with the help of our hands and the earth. Additionally this week we will sink in deeper with our inner Humans, building the muscle of awareness to help us pick up on when they are asking for us to listen and attend to them.

You will also learn the next two steps in the Energetic Self Healing Protocol:

Step 5. Bring the energy of the Earth into the Root

Step 6. Connecting into the Second and Third Centers


Week Four: Love Speaks

Focus: This is the biggest week of the program, where we introduce the tools needed to really begin to show up for, interact with, and heal your inner Human. We learn to hear the need of the inner Human in thought loops and behavioral patterns, and acquire tools to address the needs of the inner Human, healing the limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns once and for all. Additionally this week we will learn all about the heart and the throat, specifically the importance of clearing the heart and speaking truth in maintaining health in our energetic system.

You will also learn the next two steps in the Energetic Self Healing Protocol:

Step 7. Accessing and Expanding the Heart from a Rooted Place

Step 8. Clearing the Throat


Week Five: The Return To Wholeness

Focus: The focus of this week is both the final energy center, to cap off the deep dive into our energetic and emotional system, as well as integration. We will take all the tools and perspective shifts we’ve learned over the last 5 weeks and combine them all into the cohesive healing framework you can carry forward into your life to create lasting healing and change in the rest of your days. 

You will also learn the final two steps in the Energetic Self Healing Protocol:

Step 9. Reopening The Sixth Center To Expand The Mystical Mind

Step 10. Rebalancing, Integration and Wholeness

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does this program differ from Jess’ previous programs?


A: This program is for everyone, whether or not you have previously taken any of Jess’ past programs.  It takes the experience of self healing to a whole new level by combining Jess’ detailed set of brand new self-healing protocols, with Claire’s unique emotional awareness processes and practical everyday tools. This comprehensive approach to energetic self-healing allows for the deepest healing available yet. This program provides pivotal concepts and reframes, practical tools to deepen your emotional and energetic health every day, live experiential learning in a safe, loving container, an incredible community of like-minded self-healers, and the opportunity to emerge into a more vibrant, aligned, empowered version of YOU.


Q: How do the emotional tools taught in this program differ from other traditional emotional healing tools?


A: The emotional tools taught in this course are experiential and grounded in love at their foundation. There are certain cognitive reframes and mental pivots we will do, but for the most part the tools introduced here will bring you OUT of your mind and INTO your body so the energy of the emotion can move through instead of understanding our feelings and struggles from a more cognitive and coping mechanism based approach. So these tools combine the thinking/emotional with the feeling/energetic.


Q: Can I take this program if I have already taken past Levels with Jess?


A: Yes! This program is a completely new program that’s made for both past program attendees and those new to Jess’ work. In fact, having some background in this work may offer you a deeper familiarity with some of the concepts introduced, but is by no means required.


Q: What are the group healing sessions and what do I need to know to prepare for each session?


A: Group Healing Sessions are facilitated by Jess who draws on her extensive background in osteopathyn and bridges it with energetic healing in the body. The experience is unique and collaborative, utilizing the energy of each individual in the session to increase the overall voltage and healing experience of the group. It’s always best to be comfortable to enable the deepest relaxation in your body. If you will be participating in the session from somewhere where you are around other humans, a pair of noise cancelling headphones may come in handy.


Q: Do I need to be in live attendance for each Zoom call?


A: No. While live attendance is encouraged as it offers you the benefit of engaging and interacting with your healing community, it is not required. The healing sessions provided at the beginning of each live Zoom call offer healing within the Quantum energetic field and therefore are equally as potent whether received live or through the recording at a more convenient time. Your live participation is also welcome at any time during the live Zoom call, whether you are able to tune in for a short time during the call or if you need to leave and return throughout the call.


Q: Do I need to have any past experience with energy healing or emotional healing?


A: No. The content, healing and tools provided in this program are intended for all humans who are ready to take their healing to the deepest levels and are intended for everyone, independent of any past healing experiences or healing modalities received.


Q: What is my weekly time commitment during this program?


A: Great question! Every Friday morning during this program there will be 3 live hours to attend on Zoom (from 9:00am-12:00pm EST). In addition, there will be a weekly content library released every Sunday evening with 1-2 hours of self-paced content to take in, including a daily 20 minute energetic self-healing practice. This program is a deep dive into the most intimate emotional work, so the more time each participant can devote to diving in, the greater the transformation possible.


Q: What can I expect in Levels Two and Three?


A: We can think of this series as an ever expanding set of rings. In the first ring (Level One) we focus on our loving relationship with ourselves and the energetic health of our own bodies. Just outside that ring is a slight larger ring (Level Two), and in this ring we focus on how we can take what we learned in the first ring and apply it to our closest people (our partners, our children, our parents, and closest friends, etc). And finally just outside that ring is an even larger ring (Level Three), and in this ring we take when we learned and experienced in the first two rings and we apply it to our wider communities, and service to the world. Level Three will be divided into different sections, those who are self healers and those who wish to incorporate this work into their professional offerings.


Q: When will the next level of this program take place?


A: This group will become a family as they make this journey through Level One together, so while we want to offer the next level in this three-level program 4-6 weeks after the finish of Level One, we also want to respond to the needs of this group as we go. So Level Two will take place somewhere around the beginning or middle of May depending on the needs of this group.

More Questions?
We’d love to answer them.

Thanks for your message! We will be in touch within 1-2 business days.

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