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Friends in Nature

Level Two: Your Bridge to Healthy Energetic Relationships

Level Two is a four week online program designed to help you maintain a sovereign energetic and emotional system even in the face of your greatest triggers.

We are so excited to bring you this new upper level program all about our most important human relationships and how we maintain our own sovereign emotional and energetic systems in the midst of them.


In this program, intended for anyone who has already completed Level One: Your Bridge to Energetic Self Healing, we have broken things down into three areas

spread out over four weeks:

The Sovereign Self

Your Close People (friends and family)

& Romantic Partnership

The following is a breakdown of the four weeks.


In addition to what you'll read below, Jess will be providing you with a progressive framework to deepen feelings of body safety as we go, aiding all of us in navigating any deeper hurts and traumas that may arise in this process of diving deep.

Week One: The Sovereign Self


This week we look at the ways in which we get tempted to leak energy, to make our wellbeing contingent on things outside of ourselves.


We will see how feelings of loneliness and isolation are indwelling gifts that guide us back home to ourselves in more whole and unconditionally loving ways.  We will deepen our experience with and understanding of the energetic and emotional techniques we received in Level One as they pertain to body awareness and grounding.


Meditation, an often under valued component of our inner healing journey, will be introduced as an essential tool for taming, detaching from, and expanding our awareness of the mind.

Week Two: Healing While In Relationship

with Your Close People


In this second week we take a look at the energetic and emotional challenges of being in relationship with some of our most important people:

our friends and families.

During this week we will look at things like regression, perfectionism, seeing our parents as people, what happens when we show up honestly and how to cultivate resilience even during the winnowing process that naturally occurs in some of our friendships as we step more into who we are. We will deepen our explorations in body safety as we explore and acquire energetic tools to heal patterns of dissociation. 

Additionally we will discuss and work with the subtler ways we get stuck and tuck within ourselves, or run away and hide in the face of conflict with others.

Week Three: Romantic Partnership: Settling In & Building the Foundation


Even if you don't currently have a partner, these last two weeks are an incredible opportunity for self reflection and healing around any relationship(s) you have had in the past. You will get the chance to look at the ways you approach and show up in romantic relationships, and even get a chance to heal any lingering limiting patterns you might have, before you enter into sacred partnership again, if you choose.

In this third week, we begin our dive into sacred romantic partnerships. It's here that any wounding left over from our childhoods will arise. So, as you can imagine, sacred partnership is a big topic, which is why

we are giving it two weeks.


In this first part, we will be looking at things like love vs. obsession, expectations, building trust, projection, conflict in loving relationships, and how we navigate it as sovereign souls. We'll be acknowledging any desires to rescue or "fix" and deepen our awareness of ourselves as individuals walking alongside one another independently.


We will be also be exploring the energetics underlying codependency and enmeshment and learn to work within the lower three energy centers to heal these often deeply ingrained and patterns within our relationships.

Week Four: Romantic Partnership: Maintaining

Love and Leaning In


In this fourth and final week, we will take a look at the ways in which we can deepen love, lean in (even when it's excruciating), give and receive feedback, bring in appreciation, and live this work in our everyday lives.


We will dive into the energetics of triggers: How and why they form, the healing gifts they offer and reveal to us and how we can work with them when activated. 

The fun begins with the release of the content library for Week One. Just like in Level One, three hour LIVE Zoom sessions will be held on Fridays from 9:00am to 12:00pm EST, and content for the week released every Sunday evening.


Talk to me about time commitment

Because Level Two is an upper level program, the amount of time you're invited to spend applying the concepts and tools is higher than in Level One. This is because we know that the more we apply what we're learning, the faster we see and feel results in our lives. So, each week we have done our best to bring you a manageable, potent content library that will allow you ample time and space to deepen your sitting practice and apply the new techniques and tools offered in this incredible framework.


What can you expect?

During Level Two: Your Bridge to Healthy Energetic Relationships, you will receive:

  • 12 Hours of LIVE Zoom time

    • 4 Energetic Group Healing Sessions ($400)

    • 4 Live Q&A Sessions ($800)

    • 4 Hours of Live Teaching and Collaborative Learning on Zoom ($800)

  • A learning Library of Course Content released each Sunday ($1600)

  • Ongoing Email Support Throughout The Live Program ($400)

  • Access to our NEW secret Level Two Support Community in Self Healing Immersion (priceless)

  • 50% off an Intuitive Emotional Healing Session with Claire ($75)

  • 10% off an Individual Healing Session with Jess ($30)


Total Program Value: $4,085

Your Cost: $975

Total Savings: $3,035

Have a question or need a clarification before signing up? Send us an email at 

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