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by Patricia Reber

Life is such a journey to finding and expressing oneself. There have been multiple times in my life where I’ve gotten seriously stuck in my thinking, my feelings and my habits. It took deep listening and surrendering the constraints of myself to then express myself in more authentic ways. 


My becoming an Osteopath was an answer to two years of praying, contemplation and meditation, asking to find a career which would synchronize my inner spiritual life with my outer work to be of service in the world. The answer materialized after being a structural engineer for twelve years. I was guided to the work of Jim Jealous, D.O. through my own experience with his teachings in the hands of an Osteopath. 


Medical school brought challenges, having one small child and then having another in medical school didn’t help. My saving grace was studying Jim’s work and continuing to remember my goal after my medical training was complete; to practice traditional Osteopathy in the biodynamic tradition.


I’ve been in private practice since 2006. Four years ago, I found myself again at one of these stuck places, a transition point. It was painful, my current relationship was ending, my work was slow and my kids were almost independent. Again I found myself asking for clarity and congruence in all areas of my life. As grace provided the circumstances, everything changed. I found myself faced with my self, like it or not, surrendering into the journey of self exploration. Many cultivating practices of quieting my obsessive mind, finding equanimity in my volatile feeling life and letting go of my dysfunctional habits brought me to a place of deeper inner peace.


While I was settling into a new perspective of my own sensitivities and abilities for healing, the Covid lockdown came into being. I had been working with one patient remotely for some time due to her hypersensitive nature, so I knew remote treatments worked. Working remotely provided me with a powerful tool to extend to patients in crisis or not able to get to my office. I’ve found this work is synchronist with my own sensitivities. 


Today, I work both remotely and in my office. I am also teaching cultivating exercises which help to balance the thinking, bring equanimity in feeling and consciousness in our action. I facilitate others on life’s journey to come into balance and wholeness within themselves and then they can share that newfound presence with the world.


Patricia Reber, D.O.

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