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Meditating in Nature

What is Centers for
         Energetic Healing?

 Our Vision 

Restoring health and wholeness within every Human and community, worldwide.

Centers For Energetic Healing (CFEH) is your home for healing at the most foundational levels. 


At CFEH you will discover energetic healing sessions, programs and solutions to support and guide you back home to the healthiest and most abundant version of yourself.

This organization offers you ongoing healing support and guidance, while prioritizing self empowerment by teaching you the tools to take ownership of your own healing.

CFEH is committed to offering healing solutions for you that are affordable for any budget and accessible to you anywhere and at any time of day.

Whether you are a healer, doctor, teacher, parent or simply a human looking to reclaim your health, wholeness, vitality, and evolve into the most expansive, abundant and loving version of yourself, you belong here.


We assert that healing happens from the inside out and you are the only one who is equipped to facilitate this healing at your most foundational, energetic and vibrational levels.  All of our programs, healing sessions and content focus first on healing your human and then on how you might offer your gifts of love and service to others. 

How Our Team Came Together


Jess, Claire and Charles found one another in 2021 and soon realized that they all shared the same passions.  They were each committed entirely to self-healing lifestyles and were a path to restore The Health to others they served by offering real healing solutions. 

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They lived, and were deeply inspired by, the truth that the energy of love is the ultimate solvent and healer of every human ailment.

They each felt that love is the most essential missing component in our modern Healthcare model. They recognized the depth of their connection and also recognized with great clarity that they had been brought together to build a new healing paradigm and create a Center where all humans would gather and learn how to heal by reconnecting to their own source of love.


Prior to meeting one another, Jess, Claire and Charles had each acquired self-healing lifestyles as the only real solutions for their own life challenges. As they each practiced and committed themselves to daily self healing lifestyles, they witnessed firsthand how their dedication to self healing transformed and augmented their healing gifts as practitioners.  Their own self-healing solutions empowered them to offer what they had learned to others, as they had personally witnessed the limitations of the current model of healthcare as a disempowering system that runs on codependency. A system that prioritizes receiving healing services from others without teaching healing tools.


Jess, Claire and Charles came to realize that a new paradigm of Healthcare and innovation is emerging on the planet and that the timing of their meeting was not coincidental. Together they bring over eight decades of clinical and educational experience in the fields of medicine, integrative health and wellness and see their training and experience as invaluable when combined with their own passions and innovations in self healing.  


They envisioned a healing home that would be the birthplace of a new way of healing and soon took action to create Centers For Energetic Healing, PLLC.

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