Group Healing Sessions

These healing sessions begin by first allowing the individual energetic systems of each person to synchronize together within a therapeutic, quantum field. This is where the therapeutic process occurs.  


Once we are synchronized, divine source energy becomes the guiding force of the therapeutic process that is to follow.


Due to the way energy works, you will not take on the densities of anyone else in the session. The therapeutic process occurs only between you and the source energy.


The benefit of being in the group container is that the healing “voltage” of the group amplifies the therapeutic process within you. So, you are able to move greater amounts of dense energy within your individual system while being safely contained within a group energetic container.


Another way of saying this is that healing is augmented while within the group container.


You might think of a group healing session as a vast and potent stream of healing energy that is directed through your whole body. This allows for a system-wide energetic upgrade and an enhancement of your body’s overall health and efficiency.


Group Healing Sessions are distance sessions, experienced from the comfort of your home.

Healing is augmented in Group Sessions – therefore the more of us that are in attendance within the group, the more healing energy is generated.

Each individual becomes a part of the whole healing container, and each individual will receive the healing where there is a need within
their own individual system.

"Doctor Jess has helped me through many recoveries. She zeroes in on the areas that are troublesome before I can even tell her, "yeah... right there."

She has released (and continues to do so) various areas in my body that were congested, sometimes for reasons that were beyond physical in nature.


Thanks to Jess I now feel a strong sense of peace living day to day."

-Fay B.         

Group Healing Sessions are now being offered as an integrated part of our online membership based community platform Self Healing Immersion.


For the same price you used to pay for one Group Healing Session, you get the highest tier monthly membership to Self Healing Immersion, which includes:

                      -Two Group Healing Sessions

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                      -Exclusive weekly content from both Jess and Claire

                      -A Monthly 2 Hour LIVE Zoom Workshop on all things energy and                               emotions

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