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Jess Bell, D.O.

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Doctor Jess is an osteopathic physician who recognized her path to become a doctor early in her life.  As an avid athlete and health enthusiast she has always been passionate about the human body, and especially the intricacies of the musculoskeletal system.  This interest led her to pursue a career in osteopathic medicine, specializing in both Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Early in her career, she worked intimately within the realms of physical pain, and identified that her pain patients needed far more than what the medical system alone could offer.  Over time and through her own personal and professional experience, became aware of and began accessing a much greater source of healing than she had learned about through her training and education.  She knew this was the missing piece to help both herself and her patients embody the deepest levels of healing.

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, she began to align with her true soul purpose and began offering healing sessions from a distance.  At first, she was hesitant and did not believe that her hands-on osteopathic skills could translate into distance energetic healing.


In one of the most humbling moments of her career, the moment she offered her first energetic healing session, she witnessed a realm of healing she had only heard about but entirely believed to be true.  She began offering exclusively energetic healing sessions from a distance and found that they grew ever more effective and transformative than the hands-on treatments she had previously offered in her clinical osteopathic practice. Healing sessions offered in this way occur within the quantum field of energy that exists within and all around our body and can be offered in person or from any distance.  Most importantly, healing sessions are even more effective when offered to ourselves.


Since bridging her traditional osteopathic practice with energy healing services in early 2020, she has been committed to empowering others to heal themselves by teaching them about their bodies and how to work within them energetically.  She offers group healing sessions so others can experience what it feels like to have energy move within their bodies, and then hands then the energetic healing tools and practices to self heal.  


Doctor Jess integrates and bridges the worlds of modern medicine with the energetic fields, and offers you a collaborative healing experience, empowering you to take ownership of your life and body and learn how to heal from the inside out.

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Charles Bell, D.O.

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Dr. Charles H. Bell is a graduate of Rider University, BA Biology, Temple University School of Pharmacy, BS Pharm, and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed a residency in general internal medicine at Phoenix General Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. His 40 plus years of experience includes working in multiple roles as a pharmacist, ambulatory medicine, emergency medicine, acute care and critical care medicine. He spent ten plus years in private practice before transitioning to a full time hospitalist where he practiced an additional ten years. He has been involved in medical informatics since 1996.  He joined HCA in March of 2010.  He currently serves as a physician consultant for CereCore, a subsidiary of Hospital Corporation of America, and MEDITECH, an international medical software company. Dr. Bell also is engaged in stem cell research. His passions include his faith, family, friends, medicine, and music. He also enjoys photography and cooking.


Claire Garner NBC-HWC

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Claire is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and Intuitive Emotional Healing Guide. She spent her first two years of college as a psych major, and has always had a deep fascination with and appreciation for human emotion, relationships, and resilience.


Over the years, Claire has done a deep dive into her own emotional healing work. This journey began with a couple incredible therapists (and a couple terrible ones) and finding authors and speakers like Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, Brene Brown, Eckhartt Tolle, and Tony Robbins. Each of these incredible teachers brought in a different lens, which over time aided Claire in piecing together a healing framework that brought her to deeper knowledge of herself, and deeper healing than she had ever experienced before. She got to know her Inner Human (including her Inner Kiddo), she learned to identify her blindspots and grew her ability to be with discomfort, she honed her awareness around her thoughts and beliefs, and she found real compassion and love for herself for the first time in her life. 

Along that journey, Claire found herself in the role of oncology massage therapist in the bone marrow unit of a major hospital in Sacramento. While working there, she found herself, time and time again, in deep conversations with patients and friends alike around this healing. Complex, difficult topics would often arise, like making peace with death, finding meaning, building real connection in relationships, what true resilience looks like, and navigating difficult emotions, among many other things. After these conversations Claire would often hear how inspired, heard, and loved people would feel. They often mirrored back to her how helpful her perspective and approach were, how empowered they felt to move forward in new ways in their lives. And time and time again they would tell Claire she needed to offer this work professionally. That she was offering things in a new, revolutionary way.


So, after years of encouragement and many invitations to bring this work to the world, Claire is offering intuitive emotional healing sessions, and she's loving it! She has developed an intimate, intuitively led emotional healing framework to help people rediscover their humanity and recognize the divine love that is inside every one of us. She calls this work Healing Your Human. In this process Claire brings in really valuable emotional and mental reframes around the way we view emotions, the meaning we apply to them, and the ways in which to navigate them with ease, presence, and compassion. She offers various tools and meditations to help you reconnect with all parts of you, enabling true healing and wholeness all the way down to the root. The result? A brand new relationship with yourself, one grounded in love, acceptance, and real trust, maybe for the first time.

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