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The New Healthcare Video Series:
Bridging the Gap in Healthcare Through Energetic Self-Healing


Learn to bridge traditional medicine with energetic self-healing.


If you want to understand the energetic centers of your body and how they manifest themselves physically and emotionally, then this six-part video series is for you.

In this six-part video series you’ll learn:
-Why Energetic Osteopathy™ is different from any other modality
-How it combines traditional pain medicine with energetic healing
-About each of your body’s regions
-And how to address the most common symptoms experienced in each area

The New Healthcare Video Series Roadmap

Video #1: Introduction To Your Body: A Physical Medicine, Osteopathic, and Energetic Perspective

Video #2: Understand and Heal Your Lower Back and Body Energetically


Video #3: Understand and Heal Your Abdomen Energetically


Video #4: Understand and Heal Your Chest and Neck Energetically


Video #5: Understand and Heal Your Head Energetically


Video #6: Your Bridge To Wholeness, Integration, and Next Steps

"Doctor Jess has helped me through many recoveries. She zeroes in on the areas that are troublesome before I can even tell her, "yeah... right there."

She has released (and continues to do so) various areas in my body that were congested, sometimes for reasons that were beyond physical in nature.


Thanks to Jess I now feel a strong sense of peace living day to day."

-Fay B.         

How is The New Healthcare video series structured?

The New Healthcare: Video One

In the first video, you will learn how the Energetic Osteopathic approach is different from anything you’ve encountered before. I’ll also bring you through my three-tiered journey from Traditional Pain Medicine, Traditional Osteopathic Treatment, and all the way to Energetic Healing.

The New Healthcare: Videos Two - Five

Each video from the second through fifth focuses on a specific region of the body: Back & Body, Abdomen, Chest & Neck, and Head. We’ll dive into each particular region and address the most common symptoms.

Videos two through five each have four distinct parts:

Part One: Traditional Medical Assessment


Part one of each of the first four videos begins with a traditional medical assessment from a Pain Medicine Perspective.

I show you how symptoms are diagnosed and treated in this model of healthcare. We will explore the limitations of this model that happens when medical testing returns without life-threatening conditions, yet your symptoms continue to reoccur..

Part Two: The Osteopathic Perspective


The second part of each video will outline the osteopathic perspective. This perspective is often offered once a person is considered "medically stable" – meaning they have had traditional medical assessments and tests returned without life-threatening abnormalities.

In this section I will teach you about the "world of the body under the surface of the skin." We will dive into the underlying structural abnormalities that affect the neurologic and ultimately physical body structure. I explain my osteopathic approach to assessing and treating the source of your body's symptoms.

Part Three: The Energetic Perspective


The third part of the video teaches you the energetic perspective. I discuss the limitations of the osteopathic approach and dive down to the energetic source of each of the body regions.

I’ll outline the seven main energetic centers of the body and address how the physical and emotional symptoms occur as a direct result of closures within each of these energetic centers.

I then explain what it looks like to have an open energetic center and how this manifests in the body – physically and emotionally.

Part Four: Three Tools to Open Your Body Regions


The fourth and final part of the video offers three main tools that will guide you into opening up each of the corresponding body regions. You will learn how to do this by addressing and working with the underlying energetic centers that supply your body.

The New Healthcare: Video Six


In the final video, you will learn about the last energetic center, which is located just

above your body.


You will also learn how to integrate into your daily life the new model of energetic self-care that you have just learned. Lastly, I’ll expand on additional ways to grow your self-healing knowledge and capabilities.

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