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Light and Shadow

Evolved Yoga:
A Workshop

Join us for this deeply restorative, embodied  three hour workshop where we will combine the transformative energetic healing work of Dr. Jessica Bell, D.O. and the creative inspired yoga you've come to love and expect from Jeni Nagy.

Let's get you the details.

When & Where
November 5th, 2023
Ebb & Flow Yoga Studio in Bath

Cost $55



This session will begin with a two hour embodied yoga practice co-led by both Jess and Jeni. Jeni will be guiding us through poses with the breath and presence you have come to expect from Jeni, and Jess will guide you deeper into your body energetically while holding each pose. The result is Evolved Yoga, a truly embodied yoga experience that will restore and reset your entire body from the inside out!


After this yoga practice, when we have all arrived in shavasana, Jess will offer the group an energetic group healing session. This healing session will take place during the last 30 minutes of this workshop, and is Jess' favorite way to support your body with a final clearing out, rebalancing and integration. All that is required of you during this healing session is to relax, receive and feel your body melting into this final resting pose.

Meet Your Instructors

Jess Bell is a licensed osteopathic physician with over 20 years of experience and co-founder of Centers For Energetic Healing. Jess is an anatomy fanatic, a truly gifted and guided energy healer, and will be offering her energetic expertise to us as we move through this workshop.

Jess integrates and bridges the worlds of biodynamic osteopathy with the ancient healing arts which we now know is just the clearing and utilization of the human biofield.

Jess Yoga
Jeni Yoga

Jeni Nagy is our yoga instructor for this embodied yoga experience. A serious injury unearthed a search for healing. Among many modalities, Jeni landed in a yoga practice that catapulted her long standing limited range of motion and severe pain, into a sense of spaciousness and freedom.

Becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher in hopes of sharing this medicine with others, seemed intuitive. With the island of Oahu serving as a sanctuary, healing and observation surfaced and those teachings she would soon offer were absorbed and metabolized. “Yoga brought me back to life, awakened my energy body, and aligned me to my soul. I live this medicine and love to share breath work (pranayama), movement (asana), meditation, and sound. My hope is to gift those who will listen, an opportunity to align with their light and powerful innate healing abilities.”

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