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Osteopathy in the
Human Biofield: A Series

As medical doctors, dentists, medical students, and osteopaths, most of us were handed a set of tools to serve others, while completely overlooking our own Health and self-care.

This series offers you a foundational energetic roadmap to The Health that lies within, beginning a lifelong journey back home, and ultimately offering the same to the people you serve.

Part One
Part One: Bridging the Body and the Biofield

This Energetic Osteopathy® Part One program is the prerequisite for all subsequent Energetic Osteopathy® programs here at Centers for Energetic Healing.

Part One: Bridging the Body and the Biofield
July 18-21st, 2024
Centers for Energetic Healing Home Office, Bath, ME
Approved For 25 AOA Category 1-A CME Credits 

During this four day, in depth program, Jess Bell D.O., and Claire Garner NBC-HWC take you on a journey into the energetic system of the body and its biofield. And along the way, you will learn how this work not only transforms your own body, but deepens and augments your professional skillset.

Part Two
Part Two: Emotional Digestion and Transmutation
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Energetic Osteopathy®
Part Two: Emotional Digestion and Transmutation
Fall 2024
Centers for Energetic Healing Home Office, Bath, ME

Stay tuned for more info on this Part Two Program!

Meet Your Instructors


Claire Garner is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and serves as our resident Intuitive Emotional Healing Guide. 

Claire is our relationships person, and our biggest teacher of emotional competence and self love. She is here to aid us creating loving relationships with ourselves while overcoming the limitations of our beliefs... so here at the Centers you will find her running programs with Jess, writing blog posts around emotional healing, and leading Self Healing Immersion, our online community of self-healers, alongside Jess.

Who Is This Series Intended For?

  • D.O.’s, M.D.’s and dentists with experience or training in cranial osteopathy

  • Medical students in their 4th year of medical school who have interest in, or have received introductory training in a cranial course


Optional but Recommended Prerequisites:


  • Basic 40 hour Cranial Course

  • Biodynamics Phase One

What You Can Expect To Receive from this Series:

  • Teachings in Energetic Osteopathy®, a treatment modality that delivers us all the way down into energetic roots that govern and supply the body and the magnetic field that surrounds it, the human biofield.

  • Augmented osteopathic treatment tools that support the restoration of Health within your own body.

  • Treatment tools that serve as a bridge and a portal to enhance one’s skill, while also offering additional treatment options for patients who are either in your office, or are not able to be in physical presence.

  • A new perspective, as you receive teachings on the  foundational structure of your electromagnetic system as it pertains to the creation of your nervous system, every anatomical system and cell of your body and its accompanying human biofield.

  • The felt experience of energy moving through the anatomic systems of your body, as you experience how it  feels to work within  your own electromagnetic system and learn how to transmute lesions in the body energetically.

  • Practical experience to begin or deepen your Energetic Osteopathic skills while working with another within our group. (This experience will be provided in a safe and contained manner, and rebalancing will be provided as needed).

  • The value of connecting with and healing your own energetic system as the first step in learning how to work within the systems of others and in turn how to access The Health at the root of any system, including your own.

  • A practical skillset around emotional competence to adequately respond to and address liberated emotional energy in the body of you and your patients.

Why Should I Enroll In This Series Now?


As practitioners, most of us were handed a set of tools to serve others, while our own Health and self-care was left entirely out of this model. 


We are currently witnessing and engaging directly with a Health and healthcare crisis never before experienced.  This is a test with no end in sight. We are not only serving sicker and sicker patients and clients, those of us on the front lines are at greater risk of becoming progressively more depleted and burnt out as a result.


There is a great need to acquire a new set of tools that offers sustenance to keep offering our services from a place of wholeness and restored Health within.  This is the beginning of a complete Healthcare inversion, a journey that evolves, deepens and grows ever more potent over time.  


This program offers you an energetic roadmap to The Health that lies within, and the beginning of a lifelong journey back home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the courses in this series count toward CME credit?

​A: Currently Part I of this Energetic Osteopathy® Series is pending approval for 25 CME credit​ hours.


Q: What is the human biofield and why is it important to learn about and work within?

A: “The term biofield was proposed in 1992 by an ad hoc committee of CAM practitioners and researchers convened by the newly established Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).”(Biofield Science and Healing: History, Terminology, and Concepts. Rubik, et. al.) This was done to give a scientific name to what has previously been called the human energy field or aura. 

The human biofield is the name given to the field of electromagnetic energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. (Learning Center: The Human Biofield. The electrical current that runs through the body generates a weak electromagnetic field that surrounds it. Therefore, the human body and its biofield are by definition one unit and are designed to be integrated and treated together in order to restore wholeness through our systems.

The human biofield provides a blueprint for all biological systems within the body and also stores a limitless supply of energy for the health and function of the body. 

It is the presence of this system and structure, the body and the biofield, that determines whether an organism is living or not – when the living electrical system of the human body departs, entropy and decay ensue.

Therefore, the human biofield is part of our primary system that supports and governs the body, and its health determines the overall health of an organism.

Learning how to work within the human biofield and the body as one unit, enhances potency within the body and dramatically augments osteopathic treatment outcomes to self and others.


Q: What is Energetic Osteopathy®?

A: Energetic Osteopathy® is an osteopathic treatment modality that works at the elemental energetic level within the body and its human biofield. Working within the energetic system that underlies and governs all systems within the body offers an inside-outside approach that affects change all the way down to its roots.  Each treatment combines the skill and precision of biodynamics and cranial osteopathy within the body and also incorporates the same skill and precision while reconnecting the body to its associated biofield.  The result is an augmented modality that is applicable to the treatment of oneself, individuals or groups, and can be offered either in person or from a distance.


Q: Do I need to have any past experience with energy healing?

A: No. The content, healing and tools provided in this program are intended for the DO/MD who is ready to take their healing to the deepest levels and are intended for medical doctors and osteopaths, independent of any past healing experiences or healing modalities received. 


Q: Can I bill for Energetic Osteopathy®?

A: Yes and no. Energetic Osteopathy® is not yet recognized or approved by medical insurance companies. It is possible however to bill for a time-based tele-health visit.  Learning how to work within the energetic field to evaluate and treat patients expands upon the depth of objective findings and enhances your documentable assessment and plan.  This in turn increases the level of complexity of your visit and documentation required for reimbursement. We are not currently covering billing and coding within these offerings, however we plan to do so in the future. 


Q: How does learning Energetic Osteopathy® affect my current hands on practice?

A: This series begins with an emphasis on self treatment, in order to restore your own Health first and enhance your own body. This can result in enhanced and balanced levels of energy and vitality even on your most demanding days. The byproduct of learning how to offer yourself treatments with this modality, is an enhancement of your intuitive sensitivity and perceptual skills as your body returns to Health and wholeness.  This can translate to treatments that require less effort and drain upon your own system.

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