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What is Energetic Osteopathy®?


Briefly, Energetic Osteopathy® is a new modality which combines the skill and precision of traditional osteopathy with
energy medicine.

To understand the power of Energetic Osteopathy® it’s important to start with an understanding of Osteopathy.

In the United States, an osteopath or a D. O. (doctor of osteopathy) is fully licensed to practice all aspects of medicine with the same scope of practice as an M. D. In addition to training in standard western medicine, osteopathic physicians have additional training in the philosophy, principles, and the hands on application of osteopathic medicine.

The osteopathic physician understands that the relationship among proper blood flow, lymphatic, and nerve flow are vital to the health of the patient. During osteopathic manipulative treatment, skilled and gentle touch serves to correct imbalances throughout the body.  Corrections and balances are sought in the bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, fascia, fluids, and more subtle structures of anatomy as well.  This leads to improved physiology and balance and enhances the body’s own capacity to heal, often with out the use of drugs, medicines or surgery.

As a licensed osteopathic physician, I have acquired decades of knowledge about every organ system, every muscle, bone, ligament, joint, every body region and how all these systems affect one another to create dis-ease in the body.  I appreciate how an ailment as simple as an ingrown toenail can create dysfunction in the tissues traveling into the far reaching regions of the upper cervical and cranial regions.  How this simple affliction can also create vascular, neurologic and lymphatic impairments that cause somatic dysfunction affecting the whole body.

Over the years, and through the thousands treatments carried out in my osteopathic medical practice, I have become increasingly aware that my hands were detecting far more subtleties in the body than I was trained to palpate.

I have come to trust deeply that the body is comprised entirely of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Body regions that are healthy and balanced vibrate at higher frequency states, while the lower frequency states are contained within unhealthy, or dysfunctional portions of the body.

During traumatic events, large amounts of energetic information enters the body too quickly to be fully processed. This information is then stored in unprocessed lower frequency forms at various “containers” in the body. This “dissonant energy” is often stored within our bones, connective tissues and muscles.  It makes sense that these body parts serve as containers for trauma, given that they contain the vast majority of sensory nerve receptors when compared to the more deeply situated body parts.  When there is energetic dissonance, or unprocessed frequencies caused by life trauma, those sensory nerves make sure to send the appropriate signals to the brain so they can enter conscious awareness.

Energetic Osteopathy® is a new modality, combining the skill and precision of traditional osteopathy with energy medicine.

In traditional osteopathy, anatomic, “somatic dysfunctions” are illuminated through careful history taking and exam assessment. The somatic dysfunctions are “seen” through my osteopathic hands during a healing session with an individual.

During a healing session, a therapeutic process is initiated following a synchronization process where there is a merging and synchronizing of energetic fields between myself and an individual. The therapeutic process is a brilliant display of energetic unfolding where the unprocessed frequencies are invited to integrate. Within the therapeutic process, a holographic image of the individual presents, where I “see” their anatomy.  Healthy, non-dissonant tissue is not seen in the same manner that lower frequencies, or densities within the body are seen. 

For example, if the thigh bone, or femur is holding a lower frequency due to a prior traumatic event, I am able to feel and “see” that density.  The body presents a holographic image of the femur due to its dissonant, dense and separate energy fields.  I am able to discern the exact position of the femur, where is it “restricted” or “twisted.” 

Clients can feel the therapeutic process unfolding as the healing session progresses. 


What they sense is highly variable, but often is described as pulsations, transient ache, warmth, expansion, tingling or experience sensations of water flowing, as the femur density resolves and the energies stored within it are released. 

The diagnosis then becomes evident as the session unfolds. In this example, the femur shows me the exact location of the energetic disturbance.  Instead of having to send clients for expensive diagnostic images, such as CT scans and MRIs, the diagnosis is literally provided during the unfolding therapeutic process without time delay or expense.


At the completion of a healing session, the dissonant frequencies are able to be processed, and the individual restored to wholeness and unity.

These healing sessions are truly energetic and can be carried out through the use of internet technology from any distance, even across the world.  These frequencies are not diminished by distance or delayed by linear time and therefore the healing session is instantaneous, regardless of geographic location. 

For more information about my healing offerings, I invite you to watch this video to learn about transforming pain at its root level using Energetic Osteopathy®.

I invite you to join me on this journey of reclaiming wholeness and health. I’m honored to be your guide.


With Love,


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