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The self healing online community you've been looking for.

What is Self Healing Immersion?

Self Healing Immersion (SHI) is a monthly subscription based online healing community housed on Mighty Networks(MN). If you're not familiar with MN, it functions a lot like a Facebook group but is its own private platform. We wanted a place to be able to post videos, hold events, connect with our community in between programs, and help people find one another.

When you become a member of Self Healing Immersion, you get your first month FREE to try it out with no commitment, so you can cancel anytime. And what happens within that month?

So much!

Every month we have 6 (or more) Zoom events that are included in your membership.

  • Jess leads 2 Energetic Group Healing Sessions just for members

  • We hold a Monthly Q&A where you've got Jess and Claire LIVE for a whole 60 minutes just to help you troubleshoot anything around your energetic and emotional healing

  • There's an event we call our Two Hours Together. In this relaxed Saturday morning gathering we explore different topics related to relationships, self love, the human biofield, emotional healing, and our energetic system among many other things! Sometimes it's a workshop, sometimes it's a discussion, but it's always meaningful and sure to be a deeply reflective, connected time with our sweet community.

  • Claire runs a 90 minute Intuitive Emotional Healing Workshop just to give you added support in your emotional healing

  • And there's a really sweet little quiet ceremony called Monthly Reset, held on the Sunday evening closest to the beginning of each new month. This ceremony invites us to bring in some compassion for ourselves in the month we just walked through, and set some loving intentions for ourselves for the month ahead

We really cannot emphasize to
you what a sweet little
community this is.

And on top of all that, in SHI:

  • you will find exclusive videos from Jess and Claire to aid you in your healing

  • you can direct message with other SHI members so making friends is so
    easy to do

  • you'll find highlight clips from previous workshops as well as helpful worksheets and handouts to aid you in getting super practical as you heal

What more could you ask for?

How it started...

Self Healing Immersion was birthed in the spring of 2022 as the self healer community arm of Centers for Energetic Self Healing, founded by Jess Bell, D.O. and Claire Garner, NBC-HWC.

Jess and Claire met in early 2021 and fell in love pretty immediately. Claire arrived in their relationship with over a decade of dedicated work on her own emotional healing, and Jess arrived with decades of energetic healing work deeply informed by her profession as a biodynamic osteopath. But neither had spent much time doing the healing work the other had been engaged in. So as they sank into love and life together, they began sharing little pieces of their own healing framework with one another, and found that the two married together beautifully.

After a year of applying this new combined self healing framework in their own lives, they knew they had something special. So they launched their very first Level One program combining the 10 Step Energetic Self Healing Protocol Jess developed with the Intuitive Emotional Healing curriculum Claire brought through. 

The reception they received was beautiful and humbling. 

This work was changing people's lives, bringing them more fulfillment and expansion than they'd thought possible, and helping them alchemize old wounds they'd been carrying around, often for decades. It was working. This work was healing their program participants in the same way it was healing Jess and Claire both individually and as a couple.

People on a Deck

It was time to bring this work to

a wider community.

So Claire and Jess created Self Healing Immersion to foster community among self healers, make their self healing framework more practical and accessible to a wider audience of people, at a lower cost, and help people continue to deepen their learning and apply the self healing framework outside of their more formal programs.

It's the hope of Claire and Jess that you find the Self Healing Immersion to be a loving, supportive, gently reflective space that you can feel safe to show up fully as yourself and continue to grow in. It's their hope you will connect with other likeminded Humans(and maybe even make some new friends!), learn about yourself, and continue to step into the boundless, expansive, sovereign Human you came here to be.

Join the community.

What's Included

Right now when you join us, you can experience our

highest tier membership for one month for FREE!

At this tier you get:

  • 2 Monthly Group Healing Sessions

  • A Monthly LIVE Q&A

  • A Monthly Reset- our mini-ceremony to start your month off right

  • Our Monthly Two Hours Together

  • Intuitive Emotional Healing Workshop- Your chance to dive deeper into building your awareness and deepening your emotional healing with Claire

  • Exclusive Content from Jess and Claire

  • Early Registration for all offerings

  • And more!

No commitment is necessary, and you can cancel at any time.

Want to join, but have a burning question you need answered before you do?

Email us at

Are you ready?

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