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Jess Bell, D.O.

Co-Founder Of Centers For Energetic Healing
Creator of Energetic Osteopathy®
Osteopathic Physician and Biofield Energy Healer

Board Certified In Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist

Doctor Jess is a deeply inspired innovator, healer, teacher and creator, whose path is to help transform the Western medical model back into a system that recognizes and remembers that Love is the primary component in healing.


Setting The Stage… The Early Years


Jess first recognized her desire to become a doctor at the age of four, shortly after experiencing two back-to-back traumas that instantly transformed her life and catapulted her onto a lifelong path of self healing, learning and discovery. The first event was the sudden and unexpected death of her father, followed only months later by a debilitating accident where she was pinned under a four-door sedan while sledding outside of her childhood home in Newton, MA.  


Her physical injuries were manageable at first and progressed over time. By the age of 13, radiating pain across her back and down her legs caused her to collapse on a soccer field while playing in a soccer tournament, a sport that she loved more than any other. Her medical assessment offered no workable solutions other than to stop playing soccer entirely. This “solution” ultimately motivated Jess to heal her injured body on her own.  


Jess soon began studying her own anatomy and physiology and intuitively knew she could repair it over time through exercise and conditioning. She learned how to develop strength in her hips, low back, legs, core and arms and found that as she grew stronger and more flexible, her pain levels diminished.  Through Jess’ self rehabilitation efforts, she was able to return to playing sports of all varieties and to this day continues to find new and more exciting ways to move and explore her body in motion. While her pain did not entirely resolve at that time, what remained became a driving force for her ongoing exploration into healing the human body. 


Inspired by her own need for healing, Jess set on an ever evolving quest to discover deeper healing solutions that have informed her life, and ultimately her medical training and clinical practice.

Jess’ journey through the traditional medical system…


In 2001, Jess found her way into medical school at Touro University College Of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, CA.  She was drawn to osteopathy because of its primary tenets that speak of the self-healing and self-regenerating capacities of the body. She thrived in this educational environment, while deepening her studies in anatomy and learning about the intricacies of every system within the human body. She was also introduced to osteopathic manual treatments, where she learned to feel, touch, and "see" the internal body systems and structures with her increasingly sensitive hands and inner vision.


In 2006, she entered into a residency program in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, at Boston Medical Center in Boston, MA and later found her way to Maine where she currently resides.  She joined a busy traditional pain management practice in 2009, and was deeply saddened by this environment, where she witnessed levels of pain, disability and suffering in ways she had not yet experienced. In an attempt to offer more therapeutic  solutions, she felt compelled to deepen her osteopathic education and hone her hands-on healing skills.


In 2011, she was accepted into a Neuromusculoskeletal medicine residency program at The University Of New England in Biddeford, ME and it was here that she fell in love with a model of osteopathy called Biodynamics. Her mentor and creator of this osteopathic modality, James Jealous, D.O., transformed Jess’ understanding of the human body, its limitless healing potential and how to engage with the indwelling therapeutic forces that flow through every cell within every living being.


Following her second residency program, she chose to open her own solo medical practice in 2012, where she combined hands-on osteopathic treatment and regenerative medicine interventions. She was focused entirely on stimulating healing from within using her hands and witnessed profound and mysterious treatment outcomes over the years, while working in this manner. While she loved working with her patients in these ways, she became increasingly more aware that she was only scratching the surface of the healing that was available. 


The Bridge Into Energetic Healing


At the start of the pandemic in 2020, Jess began working with her patients in ways that her intellectual mind had not envisioned. She was motivated to find ways to help her patients at a time when she was not able to physically touch them and began working with a gifted intuitive, who encouraged her begin treating her patients virtually. She was skeptical that this would work at first, and wondered if it was possible to offer an osteopathic treatment without physical touch. Despite her hesitation, she knew she had to try and had nothing to lose, so she arranged to offer her first virtual session in May, 2020, with a longtime patient who had graciously volunteered. 


At the very start of the virtual session, Jess and her patient were astounded as the treatment unfolded and her hands began to move as if directed magnetically, while she envisioned her patient lying holographically on a treatment table before her. She was astounded to find that she could “see” the anatomy she was working within even more clearly than before, and her patient experienced deep state changes as his physical and emotional dis-ease dissolved.  This first energetic treatment experience led to many others, each offering similar results. 


Since transitioning her practice in 2020, Jess has continued to hone her energetic skills with others and has also discovered ways to offer herself similar energetic treatments. She also committed to treating her own body daily, and was surprised to find that after a few months of self-treatments, Jess was liberated from that nagging back and hip pain that had been a constant presence since her childhood.  

Jess’ dramatic professional and personal transition led her to begin the construction of an energetic healing and teaching platform. She envisioned in person and also virtual training centers, where she and a team of providers would teach others how to heal by engaging with their own bodies energetically, and where she would also train health practitioners to bridge their skill sets into the energetic healing realms. 


Jess’ Team Arrives And Centers For Energetic Healing, P-LLC begins


In 2021, Jess met her life partner, Claire Garner, a union that began a transformational shift within Jess that has deeply impacted her both personally and professionally.  Claire, who also happened to be a highly gifted Intuitive Emotional Healer, helped Jess take her healing to a whole new level. While Jess’ physical pain had for the most part resolved with daily self-treatments, she realized soon after meeting Claire, that she had only been scratching the surface of the healing that was available on the deeper emotional levels. They realized that their healing gifts were perfectly complementary, and offered a path to healing that included  at the physical, energetic and emotional levels and that their tool sets were intended to be offered in an integrated way. They have been teaching programs and leading groups together ever since.


Very shortly after meeting Claire, Charles Bell, D.O. entered Jess’ life after hearing her speak on a podcast. He was electrified by her passion and mission, which mirrored his own. He immediately reached out to Jess and set up a time for them to meet. From the time of their very first meeting, Jess and Charles began speaking of their shared vision to open a school of healing where the physical, energetic and emotional aspects of healing were integrated and where the programs would reach humans around the globe. With Charles’ extensive training and experience as a pharmacist and later as a critical care physician, his knowledge and unique clinical lens offered another complimentary addition to the team.


Together, Jess, Claire and Charles established the Centers For Energetic Healing, P-LLC in 2022 and their programs and healing offerings have been evolving and expanding ever since. 


Jess’ childhood dream now a reality is now arriving into the hearts and homes of humans around the globe. This is the future of medicine and it is here for your exploration, healing and evolution.

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