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Your home for energetic and emotional self healing

Sat on the Rocks

Welcome to Centers for Energetic Healing


Join us for

Evolve and Heal the Body 

Part One: Rooting Into the Body

July 20-23, 2023

In person at the Centers for Energetic Healing Home Office in Bath, ME

with Jess Bell D.O. and Claire Garner NBC-HWC

"Evolve and Heal is a transformative, in depth workshop to recover and unwind your roots so that you are more grounded and balanced and whole. Jess and Claire are enormously supportive and informative in their knowing of both the physical and emotional body.


You will feel touched deeply and softened into a better version of yourself."

-Dagny S.

"I love the way you and Claire are bringing your individual and coupled selves to us and the world!


Both of you are lights

in my life.

You bring forth and validate deep knowings within me, of wellbeing and self healing, which have longed to feel understood. Then you go further with your intuitive guidance, healing, emotional support, and vulnerability. I am grateful."

-Lynn O.

"Doctor Jess has helped me through many recoveries.


She zeroes in on the areas that are troublesome before I can even tell her, "yeah... right there."

She has released (and continues to do so) various areas in my body that were congested, sometimes for reasons that were beyond physical in nature.


Thanks to Jess I now feel a strong sense of peace living day to day."

-Fay B.         

"Dr. Bell has a powerful gift that I highly recommend to those who are ready to experience healing and alignment in a new way.

My first session with Dr. Bell was exactly what I needed.

She helped me understand even more what was going on and why my body was responding the way it was. She was working on my neck and I took a deep breath, then a pop happened as if the muscle relaxed and it let me reset the way my body wanted to be aligned. It was truly powerful." 

                                                                                            -Katie R.

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